How to build an innovation economy

2thinknow publish a semi-annual report by Christopher Hire.

There are many other books, magazines and journals where his ideas have been referenced.

Christopher Hire, is a leading authority on urban & regional innovation and the creator of the Innovation Cities Index, Program and Framework since entering the field in 2005. Christopher publishes the Innovation Cities Analysis Report every year along with the semi-annual reports on innovation cities.

His ideas have been featured in the Boston Globe, Reuters, NY Times Freakonomics, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fast Company online, national radio, blogs, government websites and a wide variety of newspapers from The Age in Melbourne to To Vima in Athens, U.S. local news and La Stampa in Italy.

In addition to that, he has contributed his ideas to many books related to innovation in cities and businesses. Many books have reference to the innovation model and the innovation cities work done by Christopher and 2thinknow.

The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report

Independent analyst report on innovation in cities leading to improved economic and social performance.

The Report consists of 4 sections:

1) Executive Summary

2) Analyst summary of issues facing cities by global region and analyst proposed strategies for cities and nations

3) Global context summarising trends impacting cities

4) The Innovation Cities™ Framework.

Constituting over 50% of the work, the Innovation Cities™ Framework is the leading model for measuring, analysing and improving indicators of innovation in cities. The ICA Report discusses over 100 cities from USA, Canada, European Union (including France, German, Spain, UK, etc), Australia, China, New Zealand, Japan, Asia, Europe, UAE, Mid-East and emerging economies with emphasis on developed cities urban populations over 100,000 people. The audience is innovation professionals, government policy-makers, cities professionals and international business.

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The Municipal Budget Crunch

This book is based on a national literature search focusing on the best practices of cities, of all sizes and geographic locations, intended to maintain public services while holding down taxes. Many public officials have great ideas, but tend to work in a vacuum, so they don't know what other cities are doing. This volume codifies knowledge in this new field for the first time. Every case study included in this book has the city's website listed. This reference work makes it easy for professionals seeking additional information on any and all budget reduction methods that seem to work somewhere.

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Global Innovation Review

Review of global innovation, and innovative cities worldwide, rankings of innovative cities, analysis of global innovation." -- Provided by publisher.

Magazine Articles

In addition to the books and report, Christopher writes articles in the Municipal World Magazine on a regular basis.

Currently, there are 2 editions available to read:

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