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Christopher Hire is an English-American who grew up in Australia. A creative, a researcher and an analyst, he has a thorough and diverse background of design and economics on an international scale.

In the last 18 years, he has worked with over 500 organizations analysing, training, consulting or project managing; across private and public sectors and he delivered his first podium speech over 15 years ago. In 2006, Hire re-launched his data services company as what is known today as, ‘2thinknow’, the first global innovation agency.

Since 2007, Christopher Hire has been developing and overseeing the Innovation Cities™ Index — classifying all cities in the global innovation economy. He has also authored the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report, a basis for analysing the global innovation economy by location, and by industry and market segment. And subsequently commercialised the world’s largest city data-set, City Benchmarking Data and a course on innovation – the Innovation Course to teach others to innovate better. More new ventures are forthcoming soon.

No one in the world understands innovation quite like Christopher Hire. His innovation work has been featured on ABC Radio, in newspapers like the Boston Globe, New York Times and The Age, as well as regional and national news services like Reuters and the Huffington Post, and online in numerous magazines and journals. Hire is connected globally to other leaders, thinkers, business doers, innovation professionals and public change agents in the global innovation economy.

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