Speaking FAQ from Christopher Hire 2017

Top questions I get asked and answers

Why are you different as a professional speaker?

My primary profession is Analyst, working in data analytics with a side line in project management. I oversee the Innovation Cities Index and Program for 2thinknow since 2006, and various data research for major corporations.

I believe all speakers should be practitioners more than speakers, in order to learn.


What sort of engagements do you take?

Interesting speaking engagements that allow me to visit different locations or industries, where I can assist the attendees in building their innovation careers.


What are your fees?

See the fees for different keynotes inclusive of travel from one of these cities (assuming you are near one).


Anywhere you don’t speak?

China, Pakistan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, some of Latin America and most of Africa, or anywhere with a conflict, or heightened risk of conflict at the current time. Although I am happy to speak with your attendees in a neutral location like Dubai or Singapore.


Do you keep in touch with attendees?

Yes, I keep an open mind about connecting on social media with attendees.


Where do you fly from?

Melbourne, Dubai/Abu Dhabi, San Francisco or Singapore depending on the timing of the speech. I am also in Vienna semi-regularly. There are zero travel costs in these cities.


Do you do pro-bono speaking requests?

I usually limit my speeches, but you can always enquire. My answer will depend on a) being near the city b) costs being covered otherwise c) the reason why it’s free. I will only do free speeches for charitable causes I am convinced will genuinely truly help someone, not because there is no budget. There are plenty of speakers who will speak for free for ‘name’, but fortunately, as a professional analyst if I am sharing data you will need to pay a fee.

There is no scenario where I speak for free for corporations or government, or to ‘build my name’. I am a professional speaker. Professionals are worth a fee.