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Christopher Hire offers a global innovation view with an analyst’s eye and delivers insightful, professional keynotes which are always well received.

Christopher Hire helps your city, business and government adapt to a networked economy with innovation.

More than ideas, Hire shares practical, do-able innovation supported by insightful data.

His special expertise is in analysing global cities by market segment, and provides new creative insight on markets and service opportunities.


Since 2007, Christopher Hire has been developing and overseeing the Innovation Cities™ Index — classifying all cities in the global innovation economy. He has also authored the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report, a basis for analysing the global innovation economy by location, and by industry and market segment.

Hire’s innovation work has been featured on ABC Radio, in newspapers like the Boston Globe, New York Times and The Age, as well as regional and national news services like Reuters and the Huffington Post, and online in numerous magazines and journals. Hire is connected globally to other leaders, thinkers, business doers, innovation professionals and public change agents in the global innovation economy.

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The Innovation Cities™ Index and Report

The Innovation Cities™ Index is the world’s leading index classification and top ranking of cities potential as innovation economies. Our analysis is unique and enlightening, as it defines based on cities’ potential for creation, implementation and communication of ideas in their urban economies.

It was established in 2007 and released with 22 cities. In 2009 this was expanded to 256 cities, with reference to 162 indicators. Over time, scoring of the indicators has undergone 3 review cycles. The 2011-2015 Indexes was the result of this analysis work, including the addition of 244 new cities to 2015. 500+ cities feature in the 2016-2017 Index.

Cities are analysed based on health, wealth, population and geographical factors. Their scores are summarised in 3 factors (comprised of a mix of indicators), which form what is known as a band score. Cities that achieve the same band score range are classified into 5 classes and hence, are competitive.

Since 2007, the Index has featured in over 7,000 media articles globally.

View client and attendee reviews from Christopher Hire's speaking, advising and training engagements.

View client and attendee reviews from Christopher Hire's speaking, advising and training engagements.