Innovation in Budapest

Budapest is an exciting, dynamic city with as analyst the right youth labour mix, and geographic position to succeed further economically and socially.

Budapest is also one of those cities I have visited when developing the 2thinknow Innovation Cities Program, where I had a meeting with the Budapest university innovation teams. My work on 2thinknow’s City Benchmarking Data also supports (with the caveat of good decision making) a bright future for Budapest.

I am broadly bullish on Budapest, not withstanding external shocks from West or East. Even so,
I have strong views on their opportunities for further economic development, and the most innovative new paths to take. Friedman be damned!

Here’s a WSJ article on the perceived problems of the current approach, but please note the traditional IMF et al approach has hardly brought success (e.g. China didn’t follow it).

So I was pleased when Zsuzsa Kravalik, of Ombrello Média wrote to 2thinknow, asking for an interview.

If you read Hungarian, here’s the interview. Apparently it received 7,000 plus clicks for the site, and was also featured on the front page of Index.Hu (the Hungarian news site). Which is great.

I was pretty chuffed with that response, and articles on my data work had similar responses in Boston, Athens, and Paris. I have found a number of non-English language stories are difficult to locate using Google (at least in Australia), so if you see one let me know @christopherhire.

One of the interesting things about doing data work, is interacting, and learning more about different cultures.

Keep innovating,

Christopher Hire